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Frontend Developer

Full time/Remote

Job Description

Do you want to be part of an ambitious, steadily growing team with defined targets? Or you prefer to work remotely?

We are cultivating an open and relaxed working environment as a foundation for communication, feedback and new ideas.

Main Duties

  • Responsibility for the Frontends of various, own and clients, Websites
  • Liaise with other departments such as our Marketing and Business- / Product-Development Teams
  • Share your Expertise in order to create the best possible results
  • Be pro-active in proposing improvements
  • Converting approved designs into Code and handing them over to our Backend-Development Team

Nice to have

  • Basic knowledge in nodeJS/PHP
  • You have been working with modularised systems before
  • Experience in localised projects(i18n)
  • Used a Task manager/Build system before (e.g. Grunt, Maven, Bitbucket Pipelines, Github Actions)


  • Excellent HTML5 / CSS / JS knowledge
  • Following current (frontend) development trends
  • Proficient with Vue.js, SASS, Docker, GIT
  • Trained in Responsive Webdesign and Pagespeed optimisations
  • Experience using template engines (preferably Handlebars & Pug)